Copper, zinc, aluminium, nickel, cobalt: these amazing metals are some of the fundamental building blocks of modern life – and our future. Here, you can discover their story and how Glencore works to provide them safely and responsibly. 

How we source a sustainable future.

Fighting child labour
Think in circles
Help nature return
Earn trust
Put safety first
Tackle complex challenges
act on climate change
Zinc – from stargazer to spacewalker
Nickel – from cheese grater to skyscraper.
Cobalt – from portable electronics to electric mobility.
Cobalt – from sun to socket.
Cobalt – from Ming to MRI.
Copper – from ancient tools to future technology.
Copper – from timekeeper to emissions saver.
Zinc – from melody maker to medical miracle.
Nickel – from smartphones to smart grids.
Aluminium – from the circular economy to high Earth orbit.